Upcoming Seminar: "New Political Materials"

Monday, March 16, 2015

Seminar for the American Comparative Literature Association, Seattle, WA, March 27-28, 2015.

Friday, March 27-28, 2015


New Political Materials

Organizer: A.J. NOCEK

In a short essay from 1990 titled, “Postscript on the Societies of Control,” Gilles Deleuze calls upon us to find new political tools and materials to counter the emergence of post-disciplinary societies of control, or societies that Michel Foucault calls “neoliberal.” Today, with neoliberalism’s control of nearly everything from affect to geological processes, Deleuze’s call for new political materials couldn’t be more urgent. With the rise of new materialism(s) in the humanities and social sciences in the last decade, however, it would seem as though there are an abundance of new materials (from technological, biological and chemical materials to geologic and quantum materials) by which to understand the planetary flows of capital and to reframe the potentials for political and economic change. Thus, once the rampant anthropocentrism of our Kantian past has been called into question, and non-human spaces and temporalities become “material” for thought—or even “thinking material”— what new means do we have for conceptualizing and critiquing the planetary flows of capital? And furthermore, how do we prevent the proliferation of new materials and materialisms from becoming just another site for neoliberal control? This seminar interrogates the many conjunctions of post-disciplinary societies and the new material(ism)s populating the humanistic and social sciences in the hopes of fleshing out some of the most promising avenues for political, economic, and social critique.



Friday, March 27:

"Love as Action: Materiality of Affect in Moses Hess’s “Philosophy of the Act, ” Tracie Matysik, University of Texas at Austin

"Differentiable Objects, Integrated Commodities: Towards a Radical Critique of Postfordist Economies of Distributed Production and Valorization,"  Jonathan Beller, Pratt Institute

"Biopolitical Deep Time,"  Aaron Jaffe, University of Louisville

"Vitalpolitik: Between “raw” and “cooked” Capitalism,"  Gregg Lambert, Syracuse University

"Is Financial Capital Truly Virtual? On Limits to Economic Speculative Materialism," Joshua Ramey, Grinnell College

Saturday, March 28:

"Realism Unbound: Conceptual Writing, Objects, and Post-Postmodern Capitalism," Jeffrey T. Nealon, Pennsylvania State University

"Animating Idiocies: On the Proposition of Slow Media," A.J. Nocek, University of Washington

" 'Something here dominates the diversity of systems': Micro-aggressions as New Political Materials, Feminism, and Bergson," Iris van der Tuin, Utrecht University

" 'Writers, by nature, have to oppose things:' Literary Contestations in Control Society," Frida Beckman, Stockholm University

"Transversal Critique in the Age of Neoliberalism," Mark William Westmoreland, Villanova University


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