Foucault to the Second Power: the Posthumous in the Present

SSBF Co-Sponsored Event

This 2-day conference (April 21-22) proposes taking a closer look at the remarkable relevance of Michel Foucault’s posthumous work in relation to contemporary society.

Event Date: 21-Apr-2017

April 21 - 22, 2017

Cornell University

A.D. White House

Foucault to the Second Power: the Posthumous in the Present

Friday, April 21

Liberal Genealogies

Warren Montag (Occidental, English)

“Foucault and the Genealogy of the Concept of Market Rationality”

Tim Campbell (Cornell, Romance Studies)

“The Entrepreneur's Self: A Tragedy”

Eduardo Mendieta (Penn State, Philosophy)

“Should We Really Will to Be Free? On the Late Foucault and the Poiesis of Freedom”

Always Never Historicize

Laurent Dubreuil (Cornell, Comp Lit/ Romance)

“The Impasse of Historical Ontology”

Gregg Lambert (Syracuse, Humanities)

“On the Deformation of the Concept of ‘Biopolitics’: Foucault and his Interlocutors”

Naked Agency & Post-Truth

Naminata Diabate (Cornell, Comp Lit)

“Why ‘Necropolitics’ and Naked Agency are Affirmative Biopolitics”

Lynne Huffer (Emory, WGSS)

“Post-Truth American Grotesque”

Saturday, April 22

Underpinning/Undermining Biopolitics

Elizabeth Povinelli (Columbia, Anthropology)

“Foucault in Geontopower”

Eli Friedman (Cornell, ILR)

“The Biopolitics of Capitalist Urbanization”

Grant Farred, (Cornell, Africana)

“Racism, Endemic to the State”

The Furtive and the Indiscreet

Jane Juffer (Cornell, English / FGSS)

“Barely Furtive Pleasures: Children’s Sexuality and the Question of Consent”

Cary Howie (Cornell, Romance Studies)

“Indiscreet Silences”

Spectacular Philosophy

Patrizia McBride (Cornell, German)

“Vision and Visuality in the Posthumous Foucault”

Tim Murray (Cornell, English/Comp Lit)

“Theatrum Philosophicum: Techné and the Archives of Biopower”


Organizers: Tim Campbell, Paul Fleming, Amanda Goldstein, Tom McEaney
Sponsors: The Institute for German Cultural Studies, the Humanities Corridor, Romance Studies, the A&S Deans Office, French Studies, German Studies, Comparative Literature, the Society for the Humanities


Event Contact: Tim Campbell


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